#SaveTheMoment – Show the contrast between the parents’ and children’s

Casta Diva Pictures, with its Turkish subsidiary Dinamo Istanbul, has produced another masterpiece “#SaveTheMoment” with the Turkish film director Kuntay Alpman for Unilever’s Omo

“Save the moment”, out of agency MullenLowe Istanbul for client Unilever/Omo, highlights the contrasting perspective of parents and children on the most cherished moments they have shared together.

Omo’s brand equity score has slightly decreased over the years, as well as its market penetration. Therefore the objective was both to strengthen brand equity and to be more relevant to the population as a whole.

Furthermore, the cultural landscape is changing. Kids are growing into adulthood faster, people are increasingly living life through a video screen and strong human relationships are suffering as a result. People are becoming aware that they risk missing out on vivid experiences and valuable memories. Dirt has a significant role to play within these experience.
So the brand had to return to the beginning of its DIG (Dirt is Good) philosophy, reminding people of the importance of getting dirty and of how we all benefit from this.

The film is a social experiment. We asked both parents and children the same question: “What is the best memory that you’ve shared together?” While the parents talked about “big” moments that they thought their children cherished most, the children surprisingly talked about “small” moments that were often taken for not considered important by the parents.

What we learned was that though the future remains fundamentally important, we should focus on the present so as not to miss out on those special moments with our loved ones. “Save the moment” reminds parents of the OMO core philosophy of “Dirt Is Good”, highlighting the pure fun and unforgettable experience of getting dirty and inspiring our children to live and cherish the moment. Dirt goes away but memories stay.

Brand: Unilever / Omo
Agency: MullenLowe İstanbul
Creative Group Head: Emrah Akay
Creative Director: Volkan Dalkılıç
Production Company: Dinamo Istanbul (Turkish subsidiary of Casta Diva Pictures)
Producer: Enis Özkul
Director: Kuntay Alpman
DOP: Alp Korfalı

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