Tanishq’s #WomenOfGold, Is an Ode to Women Who Never Stop Pursuing Their Dreams

As Women’s Day went by, we saw brands from all over the world come up with impactful and thought-provoking campaigns to show how women rule the world. Tanishq has always set milestones when it comes to groundbreaking, feminist campaigns and this 8th March, with their running campaign of #MySolitaires, they carried on with their legacy.

“My Solitaires” is the product range of solitaires by the jewellery giant, starting at the price of Rs. 54000. The new advert is another extension to their running campaign, under which Tanishq had released two ads last year. The current video ad showcases a woman, well in her late 40s, leaving her well-paying job of a Chairman to pursue her dreams of studying in a college.

Lowe Lintas, the agency behind the campaign, have shed light on women pursuing their dreams in a very heartwarming manner. The ad is empowering as it shows the protagonist dealing with issues like homesickness, motherhood, judgmental opinions and insecurity but still having a relentless attitude and not giving up on her dreams. The music in the advert is not solemn but is rather upbeat which, though contradicting, gives a light feeling to the issue. The narration of the lead is honest and she walks us through her struggle rather effortlessly.

The advert ends with the tagline, “Be The Woman You Wanted To Be” and leaves the viewer feeling hopeful and proud. We surely do hope that such campaigns are the firsts of many to come. On this occasion, let’s hope that we celebrate women every day, in any and every way we can.

Client: Tanishq
Agengy: Lowe Lintas
Campaign: #WomenOfGold

Arun Iyer
Rajesh Ramaswamy
Ujjwal Kabra
Rexina Devraj
Indrasish Mukherjee
Joann Joseph
Naina Rajpaal

Account Management:
Hari Krishnan
Sudhir Rajasekharan
Bhupender Agarwal
Aditi Prabhakar
Vishwanath R

Production House:
Absolute Productions

Indrasish Mukherjee
Ujjwal Kabra

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