Telcel – Dads who are also moms | Mother’s Day Campaign created by La DobleVida

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the agency founded by Manuel Camacho and Miguel Mendiola, presented the new campaign designed for its client Telcel. “Dads who are also moms”

This commercial deals with a current theme, since we are living new times, in which we look for new ways to transport and connect and new experiences to listen to music or to entertain ourselves.

Despite this, we stop very little to talk about the new ways of making family and the new roles that we are in each of them, so with this work, Telcel and La Doblevida look for a tribute this May 10th, to all those parents who, in some way, share a role that in the past was exclusive to moms.

“This campaign is very important for us and for Telcel because it seems important to recognize the different and new ways of connecting to express love. The power of a message is its emotional connection and its cultural relevance. Nowadays, surely we all know a dad like that and that is why he thrills us, but rarely has he been recognized. The same for all those moms who have brought their children forward without caring about the old roles, only unconditional love” commented Manuel Camacho.

“Dad-Mom” manages to convey that the celebrations of always now are and will be more inclusive, since those models that do not always adapt to the great diversity of the family that we have today and above all because love is love.


Client: Telcel
Campaign: Dad – Mom
Agency: La DobleVida
General Management Cretive: Manuel Camacho / Jorge Martinez
Creative Direction: Manuel Camacho / Jorge Martinez / Carlos Perez
Art Direction: Jorge Martinez
Editorial: Manuel Camacho / Carlos Perez
Produced by agency: Ana Tiscareño
Customer Service Department: Miguel Mendiola
CMO Telcel: Marcela Velasco
Telcel Marketing: Marcos Linares / Sergio Pathjer / Naye Marin
Production house: Oriental films
Director: B & C
Producer: Mauri Clavijo / Paola Ortega

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