Tele2 – Now YouTube is unlimited. Bloggers, shoot faster!

The mobile operator has fleshed its “Step in. Big time!” and “Step in. To the maximum!” tariffs out with unlimited access to YouTube.

The video shows a typical Kazakhstani “blogger” who posts issues once a week. However, with the advent of unlimited YouTube access from Tele2, he understands that this is not enough: a taxi driver, a waiter and even his own mother want to see new stuff. Right here. Right now!

Advertised brand: Tele2 Kazakhstan
Advert title: Bloggers, shoot faster
Media: digital (online-video)
Advertising Agency (creativity): Kombinat, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Agency website:
Agency Facebook account:
Creative Director: Nikita Yermolayev
Account Manager: Yelena Dmitriyeva
Scriptwriter: Timur Shaitkaliyev
Additional credits:
Tele2 Kazakhstan (client):
PR director: Olzhas Bibanov
Senior PR specialist: Madina Turlybekova
Sintez Studio (production):
Director: Alexey Yessipov (Sintez Shmintez)
DoP: Alexandr Yefimov
Executive Producer: Natalya Yefimova

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