The most popular and interesting IGTV brands on Instagram

IGTV or also known as Instagram TV is a new feature by Instagram, where verified users and popular accounts can live stream and broadcast up to an hour long of vertical footage. This relatively new addition to the Instagram family has quickly become a popular entertainment feature for the users.

IGTV brands | Instagram TV

Here are some of the most popular and interesting IGTV brands available today:

National Geographic Channel

With almost 87 million followers, this gripping channel is one ofno openert popular on Instagram. One can find diverse and unique content on their channel, and ever since the launch of IGTV, the Nat Geo channel has elevated their game to the next level. They even shot the first exclusive to IGTV 43 minute vertical documentary which got 1.3 million views and starred Will Smith. National Geographic really knows how to make the most out of its mediums.

Anwar Jibawi

Anwar is primarily a comedian who translated his YouTube success to Instagram, and now he uses the platform to create hilarious content for his followers like bad product reviews and comedy sketches.

Zoella Beauty

One of the biggest YouTube beauty vloggers, Zoella Beauty has garnered over 13 million followers on her Instagram channel. Her account is a stunning patchwork of carefully curated images, that fit her perfect aesthetic, and the beauty reviews and tutorials on her IGTV are interesting and refreshing.

Food Network

A universal language that transcends the boundaries of geography is the language of food. Easily one of the most popular food channels on the internet, the Food Network’s Instagram channel has the most enticing and mesmerizing IGTV broadcasts that leave you wanting more each time. They feature Recipes and quick fixes along with food hotspots from all over the world.


Once the most popular star on Vine, this Canadian-American comedian was one of the reasons for the success of IGTV and essentially helped launch the new feature. The comedian makes short entertaining clips that leave his 16.3 million followers in fits of laughter. His unique comedy style and refreshing attitude are gripping and immersive. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular and entertaining brands on IGTV.


Women’s lifestyle brand Refinery29 is another media publisher worth paying attention to as its Instagram strategy is providing impressive results. Refinery29 currently boasts 1.5 million followers on the photo-sharing platform, a figure which accounts for almost 20% of the brand’s total social reach.

Teen Vogue

With just over 2 million followers on Instagram, Teen Vogue is doing quite well for itself on the photo-sharing platform. Teen Vogue attracts views based on its fashion- and celebrity-based content. On the whole, though, Vogue’s clips tend to be more comedic than those of BuzzFeed and Refinery29’s, with short, meme-style GIFs addressing topics well known to the brand’s readers, such as the joy of shopping and the bond between best friends. Teen Vogue’s most-watched video of all time, however, is a serious clip of 231k views and features Kendall Jenner posing as the woman from the vintage “We Can Do It!” poster to bring attention to the importance of women voting in the 2016 U.S. election.


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