The unseen faces of poverty unmasked by the AARP Foundation

A general conversation about poverty assumes the focus to be on homeless kids covered in rags. Societal beliefs, among other factors, have created a very stringent image of what poverty looks like. However, when poverty is viewed from a pair of eyes soaked in reality, the picture that is painted is very different. A corner of that picture is occupied by senior citizens who cannot afford to pay off their day-to-day expenses. Life is an uncertain ride, and tough financial circumstances can strike anyone at any time. The AARP Foundation realizes the truth mentioned-above and works towards bettering the lives of seniors living in poverty. Two recent digital commercials released by the AARP Foundation portray the organization’s message with a heartwarming implementation of creativity. The digital ads are titled ‘The Garage Sale’ and ‘The Table’.

The 1st digital short titled ‘The Garage Sale’ takes the viewer through a garage sale hosted by an elderly man. The agency behind the creation of the film is Grey-New York. The items on sale depicted in the story had price tags that spoke about the protagonist’s reasons for selling them. One of the tags even said “Dinner Tonight”. The Garage Sale ends with a call for action that urges viewers to visit

Poverty Unmasked by the AARP Foundation

Poverty Unmasked by the AARP Foundation

The 2nd digital short titled ‘The Table’ revolves around the place of a certain table in a home. Grey-New York is responsible for the creation of this film as well. The story unfolds as the camera focuses on a table lying in the middle of the frame. The narration details about different roles that the table has served over the years. The hard-hitting finale comes when the focus shifts on an eviction notice lying on the table. The Table ends with a call for action similar to that of The Garage Sale.

We feel that the ideology behind the AARP Foundation must be made known to as many people as possible. The Garage Sale and The Table are commendable milestones in that conquest!

Advertiser: AARP Foundation
Creative Agency: Grey New York
Advertiser: AARP Foundation
Spot Title: Garage Sale and Table
Chief Creative Officer: John Patroulis
Executive Creative Director: Linda Mummiani
Executive Creative Director: Caitlin Ewing
Group Creative Director: Jon Sayegh
Senior Art Director: Kyle Janisch
Senior Copywriter: Earl Myers
EVP / Account Director: Irene Little
SVP / Account Director: Alan Perlman
VP / Account Director: Jennifer Luongo
Account Executive: Jillian Barcia
Townhouse Head of Integrated Production: James McPherson
Townhouse Exec. Producer: Lori Bullock
Townhouse VP Producer: Eric Camins
Townhouse Music Producer: David Steinberg
Production Company (location): Variable
Director: Lloyd Lee Choi
Director of Photography: Daniel Stewart
Editor: Chris Mitchell at Rock Paper Scissors
Music: Asche & Spencer
Sound Design and Audio: Mophonics and Ryan Hobler at Townhouse

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