The Unsinkable Truth – The Dead Sea reaches out to the living

Life on our planet extends well beyond the contours of the domain of surface-dwellers. The oceans of the Earth are home to a huge number of plants and animals. However, the marine life is being stripped away of the safety of its natural habitat. One of the many man-made phenomena responsible for ocean contamination is plastic pollution. 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. A short film by the name, the unsinkable truth, portrays the gravity of the situation in a vivid manner.

The Unsinkable Truth - One dead sea is enough

As documented by the ad agency, Y&R, the environment ministry of Jordan delivered a powerful message on plastic pollution in the dead sea. As per Emad Khayyat’s art direction, a floating installation created out of waste bottles read “One Dead Sea is Enough”. The installation served its purpose for a few days. Thereafter, the waste bottles were collected, processed, and passed on to the appropriate recycling channels.

We feel that the message is definitely one that can’t be ignored. Now that the world has been made aware of the state of the oceans, every individual must condemn dumping of plastic waste in them.

Campaign: The Unsinkable Truth
Advertising Agency:Y&R, Amman, Jordan
Creative Director:Emad Khayyat.
Art Director: Emad Khayyat, Zayd Abidi
Copywriter: Shatha Al Trad
Production: Mahmoud Khalaf
Producer: Jumana Sadeh

This Ad Campaign is about:
Plastic Pollution, The Unsinkable Truth, Y&R, Animals, Environment, Digital Campaign

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