Under Armour unites performers by their will | Will Makes Us Family

Under Armour is a clothing and footwear brand that primarily manufactures performance apparels for athletes. Training is a process that feels different to everyone but has a singular goal associated with it; personal development. Under Armour – Will Makes Us Family depicts how people engaged in vastly different training styles are conjoined by their will.

Droga5’s creative vision acts as the backbone of the campaign. The digital short portrays people from different walks of life working hard to overcome the obstacles in their way. Will Make us a Family features montage of different individuals engaging in different physical activities. From a track runner to a ballet dancer, the short film portrays the strenuous efforts of different performers.

We feel that the core message of the campaign #WillMakesUsFamily resonates with the brand identity of Under Armour. If the end goal of the campaign was to inculcate a sense of togetherness in its athletic base, it had been neatly accomplished!

Brand: Under Armour
Campaign: Will Makes Us Family
Website: https://about.underarmour.com/
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Heymann
Executive Creative Director: Tim Gordon
Producer, Film: Nathan Pardee
Song: “You Can Make It If You Try”
Composer: Gene Allison
Sound Company: Heard City

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