UNICEF – ‘What Excites Us Unites Us’ campaign unites the world with the immigrant kids! #LongestGoal

Over 50 million kids migrate from around the world as immigrants and refugees. Some migrate in search of a better life while some are forced to leave their homes in order to escape life-threatening situations like war, persecution, hostility, ill-treatment, conflict, and natural disaster. Unfortunately, many feel lonely and unwelcomed in their new homelands. UNICEF, in its What Excites Us Unites Us Campaign, reminds the world that it doesn’t matter where they come from, a kid is a kid and each one of them needs to be loved, looked after and motivated; rather than be alienated on the grounds of foolish reasons like ethnicity, race, caste, religion or anything else. We all are humans, and humans are supposed to look after each other. Period. And what better way than to use football that goes beyond all borders as a means to bring these kids from across the borders, together. UNICEF has scored the #LongestGoal with this one!

UNICEF, through their ‘What Excites Us Unite’s Us campaign also invites the world to team up with the refugee kids and migrant kids as they express their love for football by accepting the #LongestGoal challenge. What’s more? Your GOAL has a chance of being broadcast during World Cup, LIVE on billboards that will stream across the world!

UNICEF wants to break barriers to love through football, a game that brings people irrespective of their individualistic attributes or privilege together as fans, players, prodigies, or fanatics. UNICEF brings the celebrations on the ground to your screen where you can cheer and support the same seven flag colours. All you need to do is, shout goooooaaaaallll with #LongestGoal. The longer you shout, the longer your Snapchat lens and its amazing 7-colour animations will last. The more effort you put into it, the louder is the effect of the soundtrack and animations. When you’re out of breath just share your #LongestGoal with your friends and keep playing!

Campaign: What Excites Us, Unites Us | #LongestGoal
Agency: 180LA
Client: UNICEF
Director of Communications: Paloma Escudero
Uprooted Campaign Lead: Marta Arias
Digital Communications Specialist: Hugh Reilly
Digital Communication Officer: Nicholas Ledner
Senior Producer: Priyanka Pruthi
Web Editor, Digital Strategy: Leah Selim
Social Media Content Lead: Kavervir Sidhu
Internal Communications Lead, Digital: Codi Trigger
Ambassadors Manager, UNICEF Spain: Silvia Murias Sanchez

Agency: 180LA
Chief Creative Officer, CEO: Al Moseley
Creative Directors: Brian Farkas, Tylynne McCauley
Head of Production, Executive Producer: David Emery
Strategist/ Producer: Cecelia Girr
Digital Producer: Eric Shumny
Account Manager: Cecelia Girr
Account Manager: Marissa Mackel
Director of Business Affairs: Loretta Zolliecoffer
Copywriter: Marisa Milisic
Art Director: Sarah Romanoff
Jr. Art Director: Yugendu Vyas
Jr. Copywriter: Caleb Couturie
Content/ Editor: Johan Hesselgren

Production Co.: Caviar Madrid
Director: Carlos Luque
DP: Jorge Roig
Executive Producer: Alfonso Cazalilla
Producer: Federico Tonizzo
Shoot Location: Hortaleza, Madrid
Shoot Date: May 15-16th, 2018

Editorial Company: Pixel Power
Editor: Pablo Piriz
Head of Production: Rob McCool
Completion/Special Effects
Colorist: Moving Picture Company
Executive Producer: Meghan Lang
Producer: Rebecca Boorsma
Colorist: Dimitri Rajapakse

Recording Studio: Beacon Street Studios
Mixer: Amber Tisue
Mix Producer: Kate Vadnais

Digital Activation Company: MediaMonks
Managing Director: Jason Prohaska
Executive Integrated Producer: Simon Joseph

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