Warcast by War Child – Unheard war stories that will grab you by the throat, literally!

War Child, on the International Day of Peace, launched Warcast.

It’s a podcast, made in association with a singer-songwriter, Damien Rice and Spotify that brings an unheard, hair-raising war story of little Jasmine from Aleppo, Syria to life! ‘Being There’ is the agency behind this short 3D-audio documentary podcast.

The audio and storytelling premise of this podcast gives the listener an unbelievable three-dimensional experience. As a listener, you see and feel everything that Jasmine felt when she had to flee the war-struck Syria and had to endure an unbearable trauma (which she is still coping) amidst the pitch Black Sea – a journey from hell to hope.

Through Warcast, War Child’s aim is to make people around the world realize the ordeal kids have to put up with in war-prone landscapes; some of which who despite after surviving it all cannot adjust to their new surroundings in new countries. It’s because the war continues to haunt them. It’s War Child’s appeal to the world to help these kids with development aid because while the war is over for them physically, mentally it’s still on.

The Irish singer-songwriter, Damien Rice has also recorded 3 songs in 3D, all of which make these unheard stories all the more immersive and chilling. Moreover, the sound effects and brilliant storytelling are so communicable that they at once grab you by the throat and leave you punch-drunk with mouth agape.

Warcast by War Child | Listen with headphones for best experience.

Listen on Spotify

Website: https://www.warchildholland.org/

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