World Food Programme and SAWA come together to fight against hunger – Feed Our Future | Share The Meal

Here’s an ad by World Food Programme, named Feed Our Future that opens on a bunch of journalists contesting the opportunity to interview the winner of a revolutionary medical research award. As the ad proceeds, we expect, Miriam Adeke, the young lady in the spotlight to reveal the chronicles of her medical breakthrough.

However, as Miriam starts to speak, her words send chills down the spine. We suddenly realize that Miriam is no more responsible for a breakthrough in medical research. In fact, she’s no more and had passed away due to hunger, years ago at the age of 8.

This 1-minute cinema advertisement is a reminder from the advertising veteran Sir John Hegarty and The Garage Soho, directed by Lynne Ramsay and produced by Somesuch & Co. SAWA, in association with the World Food Programme for the world to feed the hungry by downloading WFP’s mobile app, #ShareTheMeal.

FeedOurFuture | World Food Programme

The underlying proposition is to bring the world face-to-face with the alarming concern that millions of children are dying due to hunger. The SUPERS, in the end, convey that, “Every year 3 million children die of hunger. And every time a child dies, our future also dies with them.” This along with a strong call to action conveying how each of us can stop children from dying with a simple app makes for a staggering aide-mémoire that the onus is on us. It will perpetuate across various cinema screens in over 30 countries.

Feed Our Future | #ShareTheMeal

The fight against hunger is an important one and everyone needs to take up the cudgels for the sufferers. We all can take the necessary steps to share our meals so that kids around India and the world won’t die of hunger. With a simple yet arresting premise – blocking future generation’s access to wholesome food, we are not only blocking their growth but also cutting our chances of living in a more secure world by letting go of the many doctors, peacemakers, astronauts, scientists, and other change-agents, this advert re-iterates that access to food is every child’s absolute right.

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