Zivame #FitForAll makes a breakthrough in lingerie industry

Ask any female, what comes in their minds when someone says ‘bra’. Most of the answers would be, poking wires, tight straps, ill-fitting cups or overall discomfort. It just doesn’t match with the happy-go-lucky, sexy girl with a curvy body who endorses the lingerie brands.

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To take it positively, those ads act as a motivation for the girls (NOT). It has been a common idea that all the lingerie brands feature tall, good-looking and fair models in their ads. This idea is looked down upon these days. With brands like United Colors of Benetton, taking out campaigns like #UnitedbyHalf, it was high time for the lingerie industries to work on their ideation too. Because, let’s face it, it’s not only the thin, fit and tall girls who wear their lingerie. Brands like Bodycare do not even cater to the audience with plus sizes.

Zivame, the lingerie brand, took it upon itself to change that image of bras and reveal the truth. It launched a #FitforAll campaign in February, 2017. In the campaign, the brand tells the target group that no matter what the occasion; Zivame has a bra for them. Be it a much awaited date or a casual home alone occasion to sip on wine while binge watching sitcoms, Zivame has got it covered.

Zivame has launched a series of videos on its website to help the girls with the common problems they face with their lingerie. It talks about that annoying time when the straps are too tight and that time when they’re too loose. The digital campaign covers all these topics and more.

Zivame Fit Secrets | Loose Bra Straps making you feel uncomfortable?

Zivame: Bra Tight straps bothering you?

These problems are very common and are faced by everyone, but Zivame is the first brand to address them. Other brands like Bodycare, Tweens etc do not advertise their product at such a large scale. Therefore, even addressing such normal problems, work in the favour of the brand. The videos aren’t very creative and not really mention the campaign in the end which would’ve worked as more informing when it comes to the campaign.

Coming to the TVC that was launched on February 8, 2017 by Zivame. The TVC showed different situations in every female’s life. One thing that is a part of every girl’s life everyday is her lingerie. Zivame says that no matter the situation, it has a type of bra for you. Take a look at the advertisement,

Sirisha Tadepalli, marketing director, Zivame says, “At Zivame, we put consumers at the core of everything we do. Being in the e-commerce business has given access to rich data. This, when combined with our understanding of various body types, has led us to creating the widest range that Indian women truly deserve – from 28A to 46H. To bring this alive, we’ve chosen a cast that’s diverse, in terms of body type and life-stages. This film is our endeavour to ensure that every woman finds her perfect fit, and doesn’t have to ‘fit into’ anything, be it lingerie or life.”

Rajesh Ramaswamy, executive director, Lowe Lintas adds, “Most lingerie ads feature lingerie models, and as a result, we felt like the category itself lacked a certain authenticity. Because lingerie is such a personal thing, we wanted our communication to be an honest representation of women in India today. We used real women from various walks of life to illustrate just how diverse and awesome they really are. A simple proposition that captured this spirit of #FitForAll”

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