ZonaJobs Presents “Anti-Millennial” developed by FCB Buenos Aires

New campaign developed by FCB Buenos Aires – ZonaJobs Presents “Anti-Millennial”

ZonaJobs, the leading Argentine company in job search, presents its new campaign developed by FCB Buenos Aires. The campaign focuses on one of the key characteristics of the brand: the understanding of millennials and the way they fit into the labor market.
“The challenge of this campaign was to reflect, with humor, how the culture and the way of working have modified and evolved over the past years. And how some people, like Roberto – the main character of this campaign – coexist with these new rules in an unknown territory,” comments Luciano Landajo, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Accounts at FCB Buenos Aires.

“ZonaJobs is an undisputed leader in its segment – it is a key brand in our business, and much of its success is due to being able to understand millennials. We are happy with this campaign and we are very confident in what it will bring to the brand,” says Federico Paluszkiewicz, Director of Marketing and Communications for Navent.

“This work was a great challenge. It demanded a lot of us since the last thing we wanted was to transform ourselves into Roberto, trying to speak to a generation so particular and complex that it undoubtedly requires a different language. When we came to this idea, there was no doubt, either on our side or on that of the Navent team: We both felt we had found the way,” adds Lulo Calió, Creative Director of FCB Buenos Aires.

This is the first work developed by FCB Buenos Aires for ZonaJobs following the agency’s great results for the brand in the past, with popular and memorable campaigns such as “PPT” and “GrandMa.” The campaign includes the spot designed for digital, radio, outdoor and social networks. The production house was Mu Films and the spot was directed by Clan.

Campaign: Zona Jobs – Anti-Millennial
Client: Navent
Product: Zonajobs
Website: https://www.zonajobs.com.ar/
Theme: “Anti-Millennial”
Agency: Fcb Buenos Aires.
President: Santiago Puiggari
Executive Creative Director: Lulo Calio
Creative Director: Sebastian Visco
Art Director: Hagall Muñiz
Copywriters: Frank Marciano, Audrey Prieto, Joao Oliveira.
Vp Account Director: Luciano Landajo
Account Supervisor: Nicolas Ciccola
Agency Executive Producer: Gabriel Lancioni
Agency Producer: Maximiliano Ibarra
Producer Assitants: Gerónimo Rey / Agustín Slapak
Production Company: Mu Films
Director: Clan
Executive Producer: Guido Rutenberg
Producer: Marcos Barbosa
Assistant Producer: Pablo Alba
Director Of Photography: Luciano Badaracco
Art Director: Magdalena Peralta Antivero
Stylist: Lali Grosso
Postproduction: Jaqueline Eckerdt
Editor: Clan / Maxi Ibarra
Mix: Xyz
Music Band: Triple Frontera / Ignacio Cruz – Federico Abuaf
Responsible For The Client: Santiago Minorini Lima, Federico Paluszkiewicz, Barbara Iturraspe, Maria Ximena Zaratiegui.

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