Brands will utilize social media differently to connect with consumers

In 2016 brands will utilize social media differently to connect with consumers. As twitter announces new way for brands to connect with consumers, Facebook as well plans to launch ads within FB Messenger in Q2 this year.

Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger

The report, which cites leaked documents detailing Facebook’s plans, suggests that ads inside of Messenger will be different than those that appear elsewhere on Facebook. The ads will only appear in message threads with businesses and businesses will only be able to serve ads to people who previously contacted them via Messenger. Read Full Article

Twitter’s New Customer Service Features Make It Easier To Send Private Messages And Feedback


If you’re the kind of person who likes to talk to businesses on Twitter, the company is rolling out some new options to improve those interactions.
First, businesses can now add a “send a private message” button to their tweets. So you might start a conversation with a business via public tweets, but at a certain point they can ask you to move to direct messaging with just a single tap or click. Second, Twitter is adding an option for businesses to privately ask you for feedback after a customer service interaction. Read Full Article Here

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