How Mia Khalifa Went From Nobody To Number One Porn Star according to PornHub


Mia Khalifa is as talented as they come in the industry, which is shocking considering the 21-year-old only started her career three months ago.

The valiant young woman from Florida beat out the former MVP and MILF legend, Lisa Ann, as the most searched porn actress on the Web.

An amazing accomplishment, sure, but she knows this is just the start of something great.

Taking over the game in such a short amount of time doesn’t come without its difficulties and haters; Mia has already faced plenty of adversity due to her cultural background.

But, as a true trailblazer of this generation, she’s fought through it all (including death threats) and came out on top.

She’s a true star in the game and has the potential to be one of the best.


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