Xylys – ‘Different by Design’ highlights the lightness of the Titanium timepiece

The first ad film highlights the lightness of the Titanium timepiece

Xylys, the brand of premium Swiss watches from Titan, launched its latest product-driven ad film, to highlight the brand’s unique design elements. Conceptualised by Famous Innovations and directed by Shwetabh Verma, the ad film showcases a Xylys watch and communicates its strong design feature by making the watch the hero.

The film opens with a host of bubbles floating against a black backdrop. Soon the watch is revealed, and we follow its journey as it playfully interacts with the bubbles. It finally perches itself on top of a bubble, which bounces but doesn’t burst, thus showcasing the watch’s USP – lightness. The voiceover closes the film with the brand’s new positioning statement, ‘Xylys. Different by Design.’

The film is a first in a series of undertakings planned to bring alive the ‘Different by Design’ concept. The positioning represents Xylys’ many products, each of which is unique in its own right, be it aesthetically, ergonomically or through the use of materials. Xylys products are designed to be unconventional, innovative and unafraid to break rules, not just for the sake of differentiation, but rather imbibed with a sense of purpose.

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Sirish Chandrashekar, Head- Marketing, Titan Watches, said, “Differentiated design is at the core of Xylys’ product philosophy. Air, the watch featured in this film, is made with Titanium and is therefore very light even though it doesn’t look that way at first sight. The film brings out its lightness through an interesting metaphor. This is just one illustration of how Xylys is different by design.”

Hayden Scott and Sumit Chaurasia, Creative Directors, Famous Innovations, added, “Our task was to portray a simple and single-minded product USP in the most refreshing, unique way. This film is nothing but visual poetry, with the watch weightlessly moving through the universe of bubbles, very much a part of it. Underlined with the elegance and sophistication that marks the Xylys brand, it is the first step towards building a larger design-led story.”

The film is set to air on 25 November 2016 and will be supported by outdoor, digital and on-ground activations. The ‘Different by Design’ campaign from Xylys was preceded by the ‘25th Hour’ campaign in June 2014.

Created by: Famous Innovations
Production House: Collective Art
Director: Shwetabh Verma
Medium Used: TV, Digital, Outdoor

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