Aster Clinics: Suntan Tattoos

Dubai enjoys over 12 hours of sunshine each day. And it’s best enjoyed in winter when sunbathing becomes the country’s popular pastime. Aster, UAE’s leading hospital network, made the most of this seasonal craze by creating “Suntan Tattoos.”

Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai
Brand name: Aster Clinics
Country: United Arab Emirates
Category: Hospitals, Healthcare facilities & Medical Services
Executive Creative Director: Alok Gadkar
Associate Creative Director: Prakash Elumalai
Art Director: Unnati Malhotra, Alok Gadkar
Copywriter: Prakash Elumalai
Account Director: Pulkit Vasisht
Production Head: Vitthal Deshmukh
Production Manager: Shankar Chidambaram
Film: RGB Art Productions

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