Audi: “Turn signal” by DMC Propaganda

Follow the technology. The Dahruj Audi Group opened a new dealer in Campinas and who passes in front of the place can see a large billboard “turning signal”. The billboard,created by DMC, Brasil with the image of the back of an Audi, uses luminous element to simulate the movement of “lights” turning signal right. When one pass near the Audi Dahruj, will see a car turning signal , as if giving signal to enter the dealer.

Audi: “Turn signal” by DMC Propaganda
Copywriter: Renato Bruno Neto
Creative Director/ art director: Thiago Taufic
Producer: Euro Mídia
Account Director: Adriana Jardini da Cunha
Client Team Director: M. Nunes
Photographer: Audi Studio
Account manager: Isabela Hummel
Account manager: Adriana Teixeira

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