Bimbo Integrated Bread – Bringing Diversity and Inclusion to the Table

We live on a planet where people of different colors, ethnicities, beliefs, races, religions, and other differentiating attributes co-exist in a shared atmosphere. No matter who looks at it, the sky is always blue. However, evils like racial intolerance, gender inequality, and lack of integration run rampant in our society. Bimbo Bakeries, a leading producer of bread, has raised its voice on the issues mentioned above in the form of a unique creation i.e Bimbo Integrated Bread.

Bimbo Bakeries Logo

A digital ad created by ‘Ogilvy Argentina’ regarding the same describes Bimbo Integrated Bread as a special edition product with all of Bimbo’s bread types put in a single packing.

The agenda behind the creation of this product is to educate people about tolerance and diversity. For a start, the brand pushed Bimbo Integrated Bread into schools as a part of an educational program. To complement the social message, the program had Bimbo’s different bread types as characters in storybooks. This unique awareness campaign garnered a considerable amount of recognition and applause on social media as well. Given the success of Bimbo Integrated Bread, the brand plans on taking this product to more children.

We feel that Bimbo Integrated Bread does a commendable job of delivering a meaningful message on social inclusion and openness towards diversity. It would be interesting to see how the tale of Bimbo Integrated Bread develops further.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Argentina
Client: Bimbo Bakeries Argentina
Campaign: Bimbo Integrated Bread
General Creative Director: Maximiliano Maddalena
Creative Director: Alejandro Blanc / Sebastian Graccioli
Creative Team: Virginia Bello Smith / Marcos Demarchi / Gonzalo Juri / Luis Gutierrez Araque.
Head of Art: Virginia Bello Smith
Account Director: Eliana Astegiano
Account Team: Ana Pisani / Julieta Altare
Agency Producers: Yamila Achkar / Viviana Simone / Gastón Sueiro
Illustrations: Virginia Bello Smith / Belén Greco / Estela Ferrandis
Client Authorization: Alejandro Zebadua Estrada
Production House: Walden
Director: Guido Cassini / Matias Pisani
Production House Producer: Karla Mendez
Editors: Julian Munarriz
Music: Supercharango
Post Production: Walden
Narrator: Karin Zavala

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