What if you could exchange drugs for sportswear and still get high? Bjorn Borg shows how!

Bjorn Borg sportswear, partnered with Nord DDB to urge drug addicts and peddlers to exchange their dope with dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins by way of workout in their ongoing campaign, Chase the Exerhighs. In their latest spot, you can see that customers actually swapping their drugs for sportswear. The idea behind it? Exercise releases the same neurotransmitters that are supposed to be affected by the most common happy drugs. And to drive the message home, directly, Bjorn Borg put up a makeshift retail shop where the shoppers could pop in and get hold of limited-edition Bjorn Borg sportswear in exchange for their drugs. Because after all, you don’t need some narcotic to get the adrenaline-stimulating-neurotransmitters to work their magic. So cool, isn’t it?

This comes at a time when over 7 million people worldwide are suffering from severe drug disorders, where 1 in 4 deaths is the result of illicit drug usage. In fact, there are more deaths, diseases, and disorders linked to drug use than other avoidable ailments. People being consumed by drug and alcohol are more prone to face accidental damages and give rise to domestic violence.

Björn Borg’s – Chase the Exerhighs campaign urges people to focus on workout regimes to gain or regain their state of euphoria, joy, and peace. And what happens to the drugs collected? As per the agency, they have claimed to prove their stance against illicit drug usage by burning all the illicit payment or ‘drugs’.

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