Spoken english ki Candy Class presented by Radio City 91.1FM

With a special broadcast and a little free candy, Radio City hopes to take over 3 million kids out of the slums and towards a brighter future.
Candy Class – Radio City Aims to Teach Spoken English to 3 Million Street Kids

Radio City has launched a promotional campaign to stimulate this initiative and will follow up with on-ground promotions and unique activities for children conducted in slum settlements by radio jockeys and other personnel.

The idea for Candy Class was developed in partnership with GREY group India and looks to impact 3,000,000 children nationally. ACORN Foundation India, affiliated to ACORN International, is partnering on the activity in order to help build a sustainable model to popularise and scale up this project in Dharavi.

Speaking about the initiative, Radio City 91.1FM CEO Abraham Thomas said, “Candy Class is an ambitious project and we have rolled out the first phase. Dharavi, as one of Mumbai’s largest slums, seemed to be the right place to start our efforts to give back to Mumbai in a special way under the ambit of Rag Rag Mein Daude City. Using the power and reach of radio to make a difference to the lives of these children might help them gather a lifeskill that they might not otherwise have been fortunate enough to get”.

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