Chile Travel – Wheel The World | First inclusive trekking routes for disabled people to enjoy the natural wonders

“For 2 years in a row, Chile has been awarded as the World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination by World Travel Awards, that added to facts like having one of the driest deserts on Earth (Atacama) and being nominated on several “World’s hardest treks” rankings, have created an image of Chile as a tough country to enjoy. To change our country’s reputation and motivate foreign travelers to visit us, we decided to address a social issue never discussed before on Chile in order to earn media attention on a global scale: We made history creating the first inclusive trekking routes in Patagonia, Easter Island and Cochamó, to take for the very first time to disabled people to enjoy the natural wonders of our country. Chile Travel – Wheel The World”

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Advert title: Chile Travel – Wheel The World
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CEO: Álvaro Silberstein.
COO: Camilo Navarro.
Executive Creative Director: Felipe Medina.
Creative Director: Nicolás Pérez.
Copywriter: Nicolás Pérez.
Art Director: Pablo Pacheco.
Planning: Luis Ruiz.
Community Manager: Constanza Bravo, Max Hartmann.
Audiovisual Producer: Santiago Forero.
Marketing: María José Vargas.
PR Director: Carolina Searle.
Project Manager: Juan Pablo Pinto, Arturo Gaona, Vicente Llona, Gonzalo Urquieta, Lera Ilginisova.
Photographer: Joyce Silberstein, Pilar Elorriaga, Daniel Pastene, Pedro Paredes.
Film Maker: Mathias Meier, James Alfaro, Felipe Hurtado, Felipe Guller.
Graphic Designer: Dominique Partarrieu.
Accessibility Expert: Andrea Boudeguer, Allan Macdonald.
Planification Manager: Ma’u Genua.
Lead Tour Guide: Eduardo Machuca, Jass Boudreau.
Operations: Matías Silberstein

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