Defacing Abuse – Ad Campaign shows abuse against women which is often ignored

The latest advertising which is a part of the guerrilla campaign is a great initiative taken by a group of three young creative citizens to promote and make the citizens of their society aware of the jarring present Domestic abuse that takes place in society mostly goes unrecognised.It’s a clear example of a creative and outdoor advertising campaign that makes use of the defaced advertisement as a part of their initiative. The advertising posters mainly including women are defaced with deprecatory words and doodles which are sometimes more harmful than verbal insults because they are permanently present rather than the verbal insult which does not last for a prolonged period.

Defacing Abuse

Defacing Abuse

Defacing Abuse

Highlights of the advertisement
• Sets out a strong message to the people of the society.
• Makes the people aware of the ongoing abuse that is prevalent in the society.
• Protects the dignity of the defaced women, by covering certain parts though not all as it wouldn’t have the same impact otherwise.
• Bringing out the issue of female equality as majority of the defaced individuals are women.
• Trying to break the stereotypical mentality which causes this problem.

If this happens in public, What happens in private?

This group of creative crew uses the defaced advertisement by overpowering it with their own advertising which brings it to the notice of the people and makes them aware of the harsh reality of the society they live in. It is necessary to stand up against such kind of abuse that mostly goes unnoticed by a majority of people in the society.

Campaign: Defacing Abuse
Jennifer Garcia, Carl Larsson, and Mishal Jagjivan

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