#EveryoneIsWelcome by Los Angeles Tourism is a unique step towards showing its openness towards diversity

Discover Los Angeles #EveryoneIsWelcome

This advertisement is a wonderful example of offering hospitality to people from all around the world irrespective of their ethnicity or nationality. The people of Los Angeles are seen welcoming and metaphorically rolling out the red carpet for the people flying to LA from all around the world. We feel incredible witnessing a South Indian family and a son of immigrants and an Armenian-Christian woman from Iran all living and cohabiting in LA. Each day, thousands of people throughout the globe land at the Los Angeles International Airport to an impressive crowd of Angelinos bidding a warm welcome to them with banners in diverse languages.

The advertisement is, in a few words, a feel-good video of how we are all similar despite the disparities in age, sex, race, nationality, and language. #bienvenidos.

Los Angeles is a city that celebrates diversity and inclusivity | #EveryoneIsWelcome

Advertising Agency: Mistress, Los Angeles, California, USA
Partner, Creative: Damien Eley
Creatives: Rachel Guest, Celine Faledam
Senior Brand Manager: Maggie Cadigan
Director of Production: Dave Horowitz
Edit: Rob Henry / Bastard Productions
Music: Soft Swells
Production Partner: m ss ng p eces
Director: Josh Nussbaum
Experience Director: Yehuda Duenyas
Executive Producer: Edward Grann
Producer: Matthew Ayriss

Music Credits:
Artist: Soft Swells
Tracks “Love Like You,” & “Bloodshot Eyes.”
Artist Link: http://softswellsmusic.com

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