Restaurant placemats gaining donations for Polish Red Cross

Drawing interest of people with innovative ideas is always an easy task than expected.   With the same principle the Polish Red Cross started an innovative event through which they are gaining a hot meal for a child with malnutrition. The fascinating act to fulfil a very clear goal started gaining donations and is not even disturbing or distracting anyone from their work. With the help of the restaurant owners in Poland the people of the Red Cross are able to grab the interest of the public in a much impressive manner. All the placemats in every restaurant are replaced with the catchy table mats that are of printed information regarding the campaign. This happens to be a simple but a very sweet gesture through which one can donate to the charity through which a child will be provided hot meal. In order to donate the bucks sufficient for a meal one must deliver a simple signal and the price will be added to your bill. With this pleasing act the Polish Red Cross earned nearly 800,000 pounds in no time and is very happy because of the successful campaign.
This way of act doesn’t require any kind of conversation or talking to people regarding charity for a very long time but a friendly method of communicating with people around. Through this smooth and transparent step Polish Red Cross is gaining donations more than they expected throughout the country. Targeting people who come to restaurants is a very straight forward attempt and many of us will never hesitate and will be interested in donating for a good reason.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Marcin Talarek
Creatives: Wojciech Kowalik, Maciej Kozina
Art Director: Wojciech Kowalik
Copywriter: Maciej Kozina
Designer: Piotr Zawałło
Web design: Jakub Kozina
Project Management: Barbara Marzec, Maria Smoleńska, Maciej Sobieski, Aleksandra Monczak
DTP: Krzysztof Korolewski
PR: Marta Ruszkawska

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