Flying Safe With Family

Nobody wants to be away from their family on Xmas and New Year. But when you are flying, you have little choice. Unless you are flying TAM Airlines. The company secretly got their passengers’ family members to film the safety instructions long before the travel date, delighting them midair. And made them feel that they were flying safe with their families. Check it out.


Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paulo Sanna, Fabio Matiazzi, Rafael Palermo
Creatives: Guilherme Médici, Daniel Ogawa, Breno Amaro, Bruno Almeida, Rafael Carvalho, Daniel Ribeiro
Account Team: Patrícia Bulhões, Saulo Fusari, Carlos Eduardo Teixeira
Media: Fernanda Alcantara, Bruno Antunesa, Juliana Marino
RTVC: Rodrigo Cassino, Cléo Andrade
Producer: Vetor Filmes
Director: Coi Belluzzo
Director of Photography: Cleisson Vidal
Producers: Vandreia Ribeiro, Giovana Grigolin
Editors: Marcelo Teixeira, Poliana Martins
Post Production: Fabio Truci
Audio Producer: Timbre
Soundtrack: Leandro Santos
Account (Audio Producer): Mairena

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