How Greenpeace Philippines – Dead Whale makes a statement about plastic pollution

In 2017, children playing along a beach in the Philippines saw something that didn’t strike them as out of place – a whale, covered in plastic, living its last moments in agony. What was out of place, however, was that this was not a whale at all. Greenpeace Philippines partnered with a local ad agency, Dentsu Jayme Syfu to make a statement about how the use of plastics in the country and around the world can affect marine life – resulting in the art piece Dead Whale.

A team of artists created the art installation in five days, and the truly fascinating thing about the project – it was made entirely out of plastic itself.

The plastic used to create this 50 ft. a whale was collected from local junk shops. Everything in this piece, the whale, the innards, the teeth, the plastic around the mouth, and even the black skin, was entirely made out of plastic, and there was no paint involved as the artists wanted the visuals to be realistic, but at the same time haunting and melancholy.

The art installation, named Greenpeace Philippines – “Dead Whale” made a poignant statement about how polluting our oceans with plastic can markedly affect the plentiful marine life. Without using the actual body of a dead whale, this statement art installation helped mobilize the community to take steps towards change – soon after, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations raised a petition to act against plastic pollution.

The advertising agency responsible for this, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, and Greenpeace Philippines received several awards from various communities for highlighting this critical problem facing the whales in the Philippines.

Agency: Dentsu Jayme Syfu
Chief creative officer 7 Chairperson: Merlee Jayme
Creative Director: Biboy Royong
Copywriter: Soleil Badenhop
Art Director: Blane Rosales
Production Coordinator: Sheila Villanueva
Business Unit Director: Julia Pronstroller Gallardo
Social Media Manager: Tabbi Tomas
Photography: Ruben Hamahiga Dela, Cruz Butch Garcia, Etnikolor
Post-production: Greenroom Inc.
Executive Producer: Franny Omampo
Producer: Lester Parulan
Post-Producer: JP Campos
Editors & Artists: Erin Hipolito, Jaymar Carinan & Berto Abenido
3D Animation: Underground Logic
Managing Director: Adrian Tecson
Head of Creative Operations: Paolo Morato
Senior Colourist: Leslie Tan
3D Artist, Animator & VFX Supervisor: Wayne Dayauon
Renderer: Russ Galicia
Audio House: HIT Productions
Audio Engineer: Glenn Mariano
Music Arranger: Teddy Katigbak
Media Campaigner: Angelica Pago
Client: Greenpeace Philippines
Executive Director: Yeb Sano
Oceans Campaigner: Vince Cinches
Media Campaigner: Angelica Pago

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