Hero MotoCorp- A road accident is never a theater performance or an act that people should stand and watch.

Two kids crash on the road. But everybody is watching the ‘tamasha’. Hero MotoCorp alerts India with this #RideSafe message.

A road accident is never a theater performance or an act that people should stand and watch. But sadly, the reality is more often than not, the same. People are mute spectators to a tragic accident. When they should be acting fast to save the lives of people involved in the accident, they stand and discuss how things could have been different if the driver was slow or perhaps if somebody else could have called the ambulance.

It is this message of urgency to help accident victims that Hero MotoCorp has tried to convey in this beautiful and pleasant to watch video. This video is one of the 3 videos made by Hero in an attempt to spread the message of road safety under its #RideSafeIndia campaign.

It involves two kids (a girl, a boy dressed as a husband and wife) who take the streets doing what they do the best – imagining themselves as a car driver and running through the streets, with their imaginary steering wheel in the hands, until they meet an accident and crash. It is at this moment that the kids get complete attention of the bystanders and people, who come forward to see what exactly happened. The impromptu road play starts immediately as two other kids joins the accident victim. The play goes on to convey the importance of taking immediate measures to call and ambulance and not just stand and watch. The kids explain to the audience that a road accident is never like a tamasha (entertainment) where one simply stands and enjoys the act. It is a two-way approach to help and ask for help. The rendering of the video and its execution is awesome and when kids have been chosen to spread the message of #RideSafeIndia, it surely turns heads on the road and provokes people to think. We believe the age old message of road safety has been retold in a refreshing way.

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Client: Hero Motocorp
Agency: Rediffusion Sunshine

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