Domex India makes people plunge into the problem of open defecation

How does it feel to defecate in public? Taking this as the basis of their advertising campaign, the advertising agency of Hindustan Unilever’s Domex brand came up with a creative outdoor campaign. It is a clear representation of creative advertising ideas because they actually go to a mall and build a toilet that is equivalent to open defecation. The crew asks people walking around in the mall to use it.

Indian advertising agency have taken a revolutionary step by involving real people walking in their advertising campaigns. This makes it more real and engaging for the viewers. Also, it helps in arousing empathy amongst people who have not experienced such problems in their real life.

In the beginning, the advertisement might feel atrocious by attacking people’s private space but a deeper understanding of the ad actually helps in forming a perspective about one of the biggest problems in India. Almost 50% of the Indians are forced to defecate in the open because of a lack of access to toilets which is equivalent to a human right abuse. Domex, being committed to the cause, has built nearly 70,000 toilets since 2015. But is this enough? No, it is also important to generate compassion among people who do not face this problem so that everyone can come together and fight it. Therefore, this can be considered one of the best outdoor campaigns of current times setting an example for everyone around.

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