Hyundai i30, claiming out of the box possibilities

This all new representing ad from Hyundai features the new thought and new possibilities of the company by introducing their new car, i30. Though this product is in the launch stage but still, the company claims that the model has been approved by their toughest competitor during the introduction at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Hyundai i30 checked by the VW chairman

The inside of the Video
1. It directly reveals the new upcoming car from Hyundai, i30.
2. It is clearly shown in the video that the car is being checked thoroughly by the VW chairman.
3. The chairman even checks the car by getting seated inside the car.
4. He is also shown asking some famous and notable questions to the designers and developer of the car.
5. Inside the car, you can easily see how the steering wheel looks like and how dashing is the dashboard of the car.
6. The chairman checks and takes a note of every minute and particular details of the car.’
7. Post checking the car from inside and outside; he steps out from the car with a clear sign of satisfaction on his face.

With the launch of this car, it can be sincerely collected that Hyundai has again proven that their thinking has created or opened the ways for new possibilities.

Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz
Art Director: Marcel Schläfle
Copywriter: Maren Beck
Account Director: Heike Rindfleisch
Filmproduction: Manifesto Films, Reto Salimbeni
Producer: Daniela B

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