IKEA The Instead of Cafe

Brief: Promote IKEA kitchen solutions among Russian families.

IKEA stores tend to be located outside of big cities in Russia. For the first time ever the Swedish brand brought its experience straight into city centers.
It launched a unique service called ‘Instead of Cafe’ in Moscow and St. Petersburg to challenge the restaurant experience and prove that IKEA kitchens can easily beat it. Anyone could book one of ten thematic kitchens for any occasion and cook together.
The project was so successful that it usually took several minutes for the whole week to be fully booked. Over 60K people visited the project and over 9K got to test drive IKEA kitchens.

Brand: IKEA
Media: Ambient
Category: House, Garden, Pets
Advertising Agency: Instinct, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov, Kolya Fabrika
Art Directors: Anna Kau-Ten-Zhi, Max Demkin, Maria Narykova
Copywriter: Eugenia Babior

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