Just Dance Now with Coca-Cola and Les Twins!

To mark the release of Just Dance Now mobile game, an amazing and immersive event took place in the heart of a big city, on September 15th, giving people the opportunity to experience for the first time the new mobile version of Just Dance and to dance to the new Coca-Cola song “Find Your Move” with the famous dancers, Les Twins.

The event was filmed and directed by former Hip Hop dancer, Mehdi Idir, aka Minos.

Music credentials :
“Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing)”
Written by Andrew Lawrence Bloch (BMI), Edmond Thomas Dunne (ASCAP); Avishay Goren (ASCAP); Yossi Cohen (ASCAP), Tim James (BMI) and Adam Schmalhoz (BMI)
Published by Rock Mafia Music (ASCAP), Music Dealers Publishing (ASCAP), Coca Cola Publishing (BMI); Coca Cola Music (ASCAP

Brand: Coca-Cola
Source: Coca-Cola, Youtube Channel

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