KitKat Dance break, an ad campaign that makes you wanna move a little

Kitkat recently came up with a cute approach to advertising. With a hashtag #bailaporunkitkat which means ‘dance for a KitKat’ in English became very popular when it collaborated with JCdecaux in Colombia to transform bus stops into competitive dancing machines. Passers were invited to follow the dance steps and got a KitKat as a reward after they finished it. This was a very nice way of engaging people directly and lead to great enthusiasm from the side of the commuters. Thus, they enjoyed their waiting time at the bus stop and also got rewarded for shaking a little.

Why does it stand out?
● It goes out in the public to approach people directly.
● Targeting commuters at the bus stop is a great idea because commuters are anyways waiting for their buses and would happily participate.
● In this face­paced life where people have no time to take a break, Kitkat lives up to its tagline of “Have a break, have a KitKat” and makes people take a break.

Kit Kat: Dance challenge | #Bailaporunkitkat

This Kitkat advertisement is a clear example of taking a break from the conventional thinking and styles of advertisement. In these very competitive times, it is very important to come up with innovative approaches to advertising. Living up to its tagline, ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’, makes it very unique and popular amongst people.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Bogotá, Colombia Other Credits: Mindshare

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