Luki – Life saver bag packs, an innovative way to save lives of thousands of kids

After seeing the ramshackles and loss of lives of several Colombian kids due to erratic flow of river, a famous children fruit snack called Luki took a progressive step along with Red cross to save their lives. They came up with a revolutionary backpack that can protect their school supplies as well as serve as a life jacket in case the unexpected happens. It also has CPR instructions stitched to it which can be used in case of emergency.

The backpacks are not only kid friendly in terms of its visual appearance but also gives a sense of security and assurance while fighting through the ordeals of their daily sustenance.

The following things make the advertisement rejoicing as well as promising for viewers
1.Little kids are encouraged and motivated to go to school safely
2.They seem to enjoy using the backpack
3.It shows the initiatives taken by small companies and red cross in improvising the lives of kids

JWT Colombia’s brilliance in designing the ad is very evident because it shows all the concerns of the children visually with actual facts. The role of Luki and Red Cross are also highlighted in the right way and the message comes across to the audience in a very crisp manner.

Award Won: Cannes Lion
Client: Luki
Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: Rodolfo Borrell
Executive Creative Directors: Claudia Murillo, Miguel Andres Norato
Creative Directors: Diana Triana, Diego Contreras Jaramillo
Copywriter: Camilo Mateus
Art Director: Carolina Parra Garces
Account Director: Andres Sanmartin
Director of Industrial design: Juan Sebastian Sanches Jimenez

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