The Marie Keating Foundation makes the world ‘Take Notice’ of a glaring lump that still goes unnoticed

Over more than half a million women around the world die of breast cancer. You know what could help a woman to seek early precaution and prevention? Just a touch. And how much time it takes? Not even a few seconds. But it seems that the lump is too easy to overlook and needless to say, many don’t even know that breasts should be checked for lumps. Even if they know, they choose to ignore. It’s high time to realise that this act of touching and checking for a lump is not making a mountain of a molehill but preventing the cancerous mountain from growing. How to make women and the larger part of the world realize this instantly? By placing the problem where everyone would notice or maybe not. The Marie Keating Foundation and Rothco’s ‘Take Notice’ spot shows how a lump on the breast of Dublin’s famous Molly Malone statue which is often handled by visitors and tourists goes easily unnoticed.

They did this to check if anyone could detect or spot the lump on Molly Malone’s breast while striking a pose for a click. But to their surprise, no one was able to notice it. None of the visitors, citizens or tourists who had touched Molly’s breasts could detect anything malicious. It’s a brilliantly planned and subtly executed campaign that drives the message to “be breast aware” home.

Advertiser: Marie Keating Foundation
Campaign: Take Notice
Category: Outdoor Campaign | Awareness campaign
Advertising Agency: ROTHCO|Accenture Interactive, Dublin, Ireland
Executive Creative Director: Alan Kelly
Creative Director: Stephen Rogers
Creative Team: Stephen Rogers, Anthony Ortuso
Head of Production: Margaret Levingstone
Head of Marketing: Jill Byrne
Project Director: Barbara-Ann Chaney
Agency Producer: Laura Cahill
Head of Strategy: Kathy Troy
Digital Strategy: Colm Cusack, Eadaoin Coyle
Design Director: Shane O’Riordan
Production Designer: Joe Fallover
Photographer: Chris Lindhorst
Music: Imelda May
DoP: Burschi Wojnar
Post House: Screen Scene
Editor: Juniper Calder
Post Production Supervisor: Anne-Marie Downs
Colourist: Donal O’Kane
Sound: Will Farrell

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