Savlon promotes healthy India by making hygiene easily attainable

The latest advertising campaign by Savlon called “Savlon Swasth India Mission” is a creative outdoor campaign that beautifully provides a lucid solution to one of the biggest problems in India – the problem of hygiene. Children in schools usually don’t have a habit of washing hands with soap before eating. This leads to the problem of illness and school drop-outs. Savlon solves this problem by adding soap to their chalk sticks that they use for writing on slate-board. They use these chalk sticks to write on their slate boards when in class but when they wash their hands after class, it becomes a soap. So, the children have clean hands without even noticing.

• The advertisement is made in the natural setting of school which makes it more appealing.
• The ad campaign shows both technicalities of making it in a lab as well as the practicality of using it with kids.
• Savlon lives up to its tagline of “Savlon Swasth India” or “Savlon Healthy India” by showing children effortlessly washing their hands before having lunch.

The advertisement is a clear example of creative advertising in India because it has been very successful in bringing about the message of promoting a healthy India. The subtlety with which it highlights a big problem is commendable. Along with the narration, they use a black board that says “At Lunch Break, Hunger Wins Against Hygiene” in the first few seconds of the advertisements and then end it with the most creative solution to fight this problem. Hence, it makes this advertisement a brilliant one.

#SwachhBharatMission #SwachhIndia #SwachhBharatAbhiyan
Client: Savlon, ITC
Agency: Ogilvy, India
Executive Creative Director: Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Senior Creative Director: Ramakrishnan Hariharan
Creative Director Art: Nishant Jethi
Creative Team: Mahesh Ambaliya, Vinay Pawaskar, Ashok Karkala, Nirav Khant, Vikrant Rajan
Executive Vice President: Ajay Menon
Senior Vice President Planning: Ganapathy Balagopalan
Client Services Director: Roshni Mohan
Group Account Manager: Neha Agarwal
Assistant Account Executive: Maitree Lonare
Production House: Good Morning Films
Director: Afshan Hussain Shaikh
Producer: Doris George

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