Smart Tourism for Sham Shui Po by Hong Kong Tourism Board- Treasures of the heart

Sham Shui Po is ‘Every Bit Local.’ Hong Kong Tourism Board blends heartwarming films (Treasures of the heart) with artistic Smart Travel Tools.

Sham Shui Po is one of Hong Kong’s oldest districts. But is also a beautiful neighbourhood that embodies a world of local flavor.

Sham Shui Po is Every Bit Local - Hong Kong Tourism Board | Treasures of the heart

To help travelers decipher the neighbourhood that has evolved with the times and the locals that live there, Chan Chi Fat and Chong Mui Ngam, Hong Kong film director and scriptwriter respectively, partnered with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to create several heart-warming short films showcasing how this place is Every Bit Local.

Lights, camera, action: “Treasures of the heart.”

The short films, titled “Treasures of the heart,” not only sounds like Sham Shui Po phonetically but also introduces the many different characters and characteristics of Sham Shui Po. These stories are inspired by the local treasures they hold close to their hearts.

Watch as a local fashion designer searches every corner of Sham Shui Po looking for a button.
Not just any button will do. The button she needs will connect generations.

A mother and son go on an adventure through Sham Shui Po. It’s an adventure that touches all the senses. Here we taste the new and the familiar with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

A young man opens a common creative space in Sham Shui Po, showing how the old and the new can live harmoniously in one area. As he helps an elderly local fix a prized possession, he finds inspiration in his surroundings.

A young woman competes with time as she runs around Sham Shui Po, embarking on a scavenger hunt that hopefully brings her to a local treasure to help complete her lifelong dream.

Smart Tourism for Sham Shui Po – QR Codes

To help travelers decode Sham Shui Po’s eclectic mix of experiences, the Hong Kong Tourism Board created QR Codes made with actual pieces and treasures found in the neighbourhood. Scan and be guided to different hotspots with audio and video guides narrated by locals, as well as a Google Maps navigation experience.

Sham Shui Po is Every Bit Local - Hong Kong Tourism Board

For the whole district, from MTR stations to hijacked space to outdoor spaces and more are covered with the rebranding of Sham Shui Po.

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Credit List
Brand: Sham Shui Po
Campaign: Treasures of the heart
Grey Hong Kong:
Michael Knox, Chief Creative Officer
Sarah Trombetta, Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Lee, Group Creative Director
Jackie Wong, Associate Creative Director
Amy Cheng, Associate Creative Director
Ella Wong, Art Director
Elsie Lau, Art Director
Alison Ho, Copywriter
Starry Lam, Copywriter
John Lo, Head of Production
Ken Yau, Production Manager
Joanna Go, Business Director
Bonnie Chan, Senior Account Director
Dorothy Chan, Associate Account Director

HKTB Marketing Team
Tina Chao – General Manager, Marketing
Hilda Chan – Senior Manager, Brand Marketing
Farrida Lui – Manager, Brand Marketing
Queenie Cheng – Assistant Manager, Brand Marketing
Pipi Yuen – Senior Executive, Brand Marketing

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