St. Pauli Peeback – For those who drink too much and end up peeing on the walls.

In Hamburg, St. Pauli, it’s peeback time. St. Pauli’s Community of Interest (IG St. Pauli e.V.) initiated an action where frequented walls in the neighbourhood were sprayed with a superhydrophobic coating. This coating is so water-repellent that urine splashes right back. By doing so, they want to stop those who pee wherever they please.

Campaign: St. Pauli Peeback
Advertising Agency: Publicis Pixelpark, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Timm Weber
Creative Directors: Felipe Franco, Philipp Hentges
Post Production: Markenfilm Crossing
Director: Alexander Steinhoff
Film Production: Markenfilm Crossing
Music/Sound: INFECTED Postproduction
Account: Nicole Grupski
Executive Producer: Oliver Hac
Producer: Susan Barenberg

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