Unicef ROLY POLY Donation box

Such a simple idea. Such a powerful impact. UNICEF and agency Daehong Communications in Seoul, Korea, came up with these special donation boxes called Roly-polies that resulted in a significant increase in donations by analogously showing people the benefits of their contribution.

The Idea
The Roly-poly represents a child who needs help. It lies down on the ground in the beginning. Once people start donating, the weight of the coins at the bottom makes it stand up. These donation boxes use the same laws of physics as the Roly Poly dolls, also known as round-bottom or tilting dolls.

The Results
Just 10 of these Roly-polies resulted in over 10,000 donations across Seoul. The idea attracted a lot of attention online and social media was abuzz with images and conversations about UNICEF’s latest invention.

Product: Roly Poly
Agency: DAEHONG Communications Inc, Korea
Source: digitalsynopsis

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