Violence ends when Education begins.

The Non Violence Project is a non-profit NGO that fights violence through education. To communicate their mission statement McCann used a conventional medium in an unconventional way.

Violence ends when Education begins.


Inmates and children together in the same bus traveling around Mexico City with the Message: Violence ends when education begins. An action that generated interest, curiosity and much personal reflection.


Client: Non Violence Project
Advertising Agency: McCann, Mexico City, Mexico
Creative Directors: Javi Carro, Breno Cota, Pablo Motta, Gonzalo Quinteros
Art Director: Pablo Motta
Copywriter: Gonzalo Quinteros
Director: David Ruiz
Production Company: Unidad 59
Producer: Emmanuel Aguilar
Account supervisor: Christian del Rio
Account director: Veronica Perez
Released: February 2014

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