Volkswagen came up with its very own branded beer – VW Beer | A Beverage for Drivers

Volkswagen Group, a multinational automobile manufacturer with its roots in Germany, recently came up with a product that goes against everything car companies hold sacred. Well, the brand came up with its very own branded beer i.e. Volkswagen Beer (VW Beer). But, before you start drafting your criticism, you should know that there’s a catch. The whole campaign was as an exercise in road safety awareness. You may ask, how?

The brand, in synergy with the advertising agency, DDB Argentina, partnered with some popular bars in Buenos Aires and served VW Beer to people who arrived by car. However, the beverage contained 0.0% alcohol content. Therefore, VW Beer encouraged responsible drivers to avoid drinking alcohol.

The brand partnered with the local brewery Barba Roja to make the drink. One of the challenges was to get a pure 0.0% alcohol, since all non-alcoholic beers still carry a little. After three attempts, they came up with the right flavor. A surprising way to make drivers aware by encouraging them to drink your beer.

Instead of going the traditional way, Volkswagen’s efforts have created an impact by being the first automotive company to concoct a beer. We happen to believe that this well-crafted initiative puts an interesting spin on drunk driving; a spin that sits well with the drivers of today.

Campaign: VW Beer
Brand: Volkswagen
Advertising Agency: DDB Argentina
Chief Creative Officers: Adrián Piattoni, Facundo Varela
Creative Team: Adrian Piattoni, Facundo Varela, Hernan Jauregui, Beto Cocito
Producer: Claudio Migliardo
Group Account Director: Graciela Combal
Production Company: Gloria Films
Executive Producer: Fabian Zayat
Producer: Sebastian Suarez
Director: Martin Piñeiro
Client: Manuel González Quesnel
Designer: Lucas Gagliote

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Volkswagen, DDB, Beverages, Non-alcoholic beverages, VW Beer

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