2018 is the year to rewrite history with Stabilo Boss | Highlight the Remarkable

Everyone knows the phrase “Behind every great man is a great woman.” But what does it mean? That the man is always the hero and the woman his sidekick? The truth is, all too often women were upstaged, and their actions and successes not mentioned. 2018 is the year to rewrite history: with Stabilo Boss. Highlight the Remarkable

By highlighting remarkable women and their stories.

Katherine Johnson

The NASA mathematician responsible for the calculations resulting in Apollo 11’s safe return to earth.
Stabilo Boss Highlight the Remarkable - Katherine Johnson

Lise Meitner

Discoverer of nuclear fission who male partner was awarded with the Nobel Prize.
Stabilo Boss Highlight the Remarkable - Lise Meitner

Edith Wilson

The First Lady who assumed her husband’s presidential responsibilities after he was paralyzed by a stroke.
Edith Wilson | Stabilo Boss Highlight the Remarkable - Print Advertising

Brand: Stabilo Boss
Campaign: Highlight the Remarkable
Advertising Agency: DDB Group, Düsseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Dennis May
Executive Creative Directors: Kristine Holzhausen , Stefan Rehne
Art Director: Vera Ickert
Copywriter: Teresa Berude
Graphic Design: Kathrin Stenger
Post-Production: Stefan Kranefeld Imaging
Planning Director: Christian Bihn
Account Director: Philipp Starck
Junior Account Manager: Malte Kraft

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