Air New Zealand: “Remember when ads used to look like this?”

Air New Zealand wanted to tell the country about its 75th Anniversary exhibition at the Auckland museum. So agency True invited people to join us on a trip down memory lane.

Remember on planes when tea was served in porcelain instead of polystyrene? Well, if you don’t, Air New Zealand and True have offered a snapshot by delving into the airline’s past and taking News Works’ Newspaper Ad of the Month award for January with it.


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campaign: Air New Zealand: “Remember when ads used to look like this?”
True Agency Team
Creative directors: Dom Antelme & Ian Sweeney
Copywriter: Scott Moyes
Art director: Melissa Chardet
Designer: Jen van Blerk
Senior account manager: Jess Standidge
Brand name: Air New Zealand
Agency: True New Zealand
Country: New Zealand
Category: Airlines

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