ALI COLA. The first cola that comes in different skin colors.

Ali Cola- They’re all the same, they just look different on the outside. Like people.

Ali cola logo

That’s true of people all over the world—and now of cola, too. Or at least ALI COLA, the first cola that comes in different skin colors. Call it a cola in aid of greater tolerance. #cheerstotolerance

The cola in skin colors is not a special edition, but an innovative product relaunch. By the way: Of course, all six colors taste exactly the same. #toleranzschmeckt

Ali Cola all colors

ali cola cheers to tolerance

Ali cola different skin colors

ali cola got a problem


Ali Cola Skin Color

Ali Cola Gay cola

Ali cola skin colors

Ali Cola something wrong

Ali Cola white color

Advertising Agency: loved, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Karl Wolfgang Epple, Matthäus Frost
Photographer: Dirk Weyer
Chief Creative Officer: Armin Jochum
Accounts: Ilker Yilmazalp, Philipp Stamer
Public Relations: Teresa Köster
Retouching: David Kowalski
Final Artwork Operation: Manuel Caliebe, Louisa Bartholdi

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