AnimaNaturalis Mexico and Archer Troy fighting for nature.

AnimaNaturalis, non-governmental and non-profit organization that works for animal rights in Latin America, together with Archer Troy agency, presented the “LOSING IT, HURTS ” campaign, which seeks to raise awareness society about 2 thousand 600 animal species that are at risk of disappear.

“HURTS” is the concept with a clear message upholding that communicate the implications of the world to lose animal species.

The campaign shows the vulnerability of wildlife, the message is clear: Earth is unique and we are here to share it and protect it.



Client: AnimaNaturalis
Advertising Agency: Archer Troy, Mexico City, Mexico
VP Creative Director: Miguel Angel Arciniega, Arturo Díaz
Creative General Director: Miguel Suarez
Account Director: Gabriela Rivera
Creative Director: Pedro Molina
Art Director: Pedro Molina
Copywriter: Luis Rodriguez
3D illustrator: Pedro Molina

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