Cliniderma decided to support transgender women by making them noticeable | Transgender Pride

On the International LGBT Pride Day, 4 transgender women are still creating visibility in Colombia. Boys will be women. Cliniderma support transgender women on the LGBT Pride Day- Transgender Pride

We can summarise everything in two relevant dates. March 31, International Day of Transgender Visibility and June 28, International LGBT Pride Day.

The past 28th of June Cliniderma a dermatology Clinic in Colombia, who´s main focus is laser hair removal, celebrated the International Day for LGBT Pride. An important date after the 31st of March they had decided to support transgender women by making them noticeable.

The campaign invited all transgender women to dare and make the decision to leave the man inside them, and commence their new journey to as the woman they´ve hidden for years.

Doctors initiative – Dermatologist´s Claudia Carvajal and Mauricio Gamboa, in collaboration with the renowned photographer, Hernán Puentes; supported a social inclusion for this particular group of people who have suffered violence, discrimination and bullying, even within the same LGBTI group, (an acronym that collectively unifies the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexual community).

This discrimination transcends to all social fields and in 99.9% of cases, it is the main cause for rejection of medical assistance, job openings or even professional, due to the fact there is still an opposition for acceptance and sexual diversity.

Barbara, Catalina, Sabrina and Stefania, women who celebrate the trans community and whom empower themselves with photos and videos that illustrate their lives. Women who seek confront and acceptance while dealing with exclusion. These are the women, who after these experiences, are willing to stablish themselves as defenders and promoters for their own human rights.

Cliniderma- Transgender Pride

Cliniderma | Transgender Pride - International LGBT Pride Day | Transgender

Cliniderma- Transgender Pride

Cliniderma- Transgender Pride

The sooner the better can this society realize that these transgender or transsexual women are people who willingly want to live freely, feel liberally and like everyone else, deserve respect.

Brand: Cliniderma
Campaign name: Transgender Pride
Media: Print
Industry: Beauty & Health
Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Norato
Creative Director: Albrecht Bake, Paola Barrero
Art Director: Gabriel Perdomo Motta
Copywriter: Andrés Riaño Martínez
Photography: Hernán Puentes
Planner: Felipe Sánchez

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