How the cookie milk is made? – ‘Cow the thief’ by FCB Almaty

Recently FCB Almaty officials have seized daring Cow thief. She had been intruding into warehouses and stores filled with cookies, strawberry and sweets, took everything in order to produce «Baby Bomba» delicious, milk cocktails. Our talented designers have created identikit picture of her. As for now she is on the loose. If you will find suspect’s location, buy it immediately.

FCB Almaty | Cow the thief

Baby Bomba is the brand of flavored milkshakes for kids. It has 4 flavors – strawberry, cookie, chocolate and ice-cream. The leader is cookie flavored milkshake so we thought that cow intrudes into warehouses where cookies are stored and steals them to make Baby Bomba milkshake.

Advert title: Korovka-Vorovka (Cow the thief)
Media: KV, Poster
Industry: Food
Market: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh, Russian
Headline and copy text: How the cookie milk is made?
Agency: FCB Almaty
Advertiser: Raimbek bottlers
Brand: Baby Bomba
Creative Director: Konstantin Sobol
Creative group head: Ruslan Suleimanov
Art Directors: Sergey Alexanin, Sergey Starykh
Copywriter: Dauren Shubayev
3D artist: Alexandr Lyan
Account Manager: Anastassiya Matveyeva

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