Detran-RN print advert – Be coherent. Be Conscious.

How far is the distance between what you say and what you do in transit?
Detran-RN | Be coherent. Be Conscious.

“I never drink before driving”

From daily traffic situations and common drivers’ citations, we created an advertising campaign capable of drawing attention precisely by gathering arguments that allow an immediate and true identity of the entire population with reality.

In life, much of our conclusions are the fruit of our own questions. The questions lead us to think, awaken our conscience and illuminate the path of decisions. The questions give us accurate answers to our growth as a human being. The concept of the campaign created for DETRAN / RN starts from this premise. The idea is to lead us to think and reflect on what we say and do in traffic.

Be coherent. Be Conscious | Detran-RN

Be coherent. Be Conscious | Detran-RN

Be coherent. Be Conscious | print campaign

Advertised brand: Detran-RN
Advert title(s): Be coherent. Be Conscious.
Media: Print, outdoor
Advertising Agency: Executiva Propaganda, Natal, Brazil
Agency website:
Creative Director: George Wilde
Art Director: Cortez Pereira
Copywriter: George Wilde
Photographer: Humberto Lopes
Retouch: Fabrício Cavalcante
Published: September, 2017

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