Harvey Nichols Influenced by None ad campaign

The Harvey Nichols Influenced by None ad campaign was conceived and executed by FP7 / McCann, an ad agency based in United Arab Emirates. It was art directed by Husen Baba and Paul Banham with photographer by Aorta Photography. Shot against a series of clean backdrops, the surreal imagery will appeal to those who have recently indulged their love of all things fantastical as evident by the slew of fairy tale movies and television shows abounding.

Harvey_Nichols_Influenced_by_None_ad _campaign_1_cotw

Harvey_Nichols_Influenced_by_None_ad _campaign_2_cotw

Harvey_Nichols_Influenced_by_None_ad _campaign_3_cotw

Campaign: Harvey Nichols Influenced by None
Creative Director : Husen Baba
Agency : McCann
Client : Harvey Nichols
Location : United Arab Emirates
Category: Clothing & Footwear

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