See how IKEA promoted their black chocolate ‘CHOKLAD MÖRK’ on World Chocolate Day

They look like chocolate bars (CHOKLAD MÖRK), but in reality what you see in these ads are IKEA furniture.

On the 7th of July the World Chocolate Day is celebrated and in IKEA they did not want to miss this opportunity to promote their black chocolate ‘CHOKLAD MÖRK’. So the Creative Hub of the Swedish brand went to work with the design studio ACNE to create these beautiful ads in which some of their furniture appear disguised as if they were real chocolate tablets. In fact, the execution is so good that if you do not pay attention to it, at a first glance they put it on you without any problem.

Each of the ads highlights an IKEA product whose color is similar to that of cocoa and its shape is similar to that of the ounces of the tablet. In this way, we can see in these graphs the RUNNEN brown dyed platform, the MALM chest of drawers, the VIGDIS cushion covers and the BESTA cabinet. In addition, each of the pieces includes a nice text that serves to close the announcement.

For example, in the case of the BESTA closet, the copy says that “Some chocolates are for eating. Others are to store your things. We have both. ”


IKEA World Chocolate Day | IKEA CHOKLAD MÖRK

IKEA World Chocolate Day

IKEA World Chocolate Day

IKEA World Chocolate Day

Client: Ikea
Agency: ACNE
Executive Creative Director: Johan Bello
Creative Director, Ikea Creative Hub: Morten Kjaer
Senior Art Director: Tiago Pinho
Art Director: Isaac Bonnier, Mirian Tsujita
Copywriter: Joel Lindblad
Photographer: Anders Kylberg
Project Manager: Lovisa Friman Bendz
Assignment Leader, Ikea Creative Hub: Louice Alvarsson
Content Leader, Marketing Communication: Jovana Basrak Keric

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